“Whatever your reasons for wanting to change any aspect of your life the aim of ‘elementals’ is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to help you find a way to live your life effectively. Whether you want to develop self-confidence, deal with emotional difficulties, break destructive habits, improve your self-esteem, communicate more effectively or develop your emotional or social intelligence ‘elementals’ can help you.”

‘The Art of Living’ Ross Brittleton

The purpose of elementals is to provide integrated, high quality, cost-effective, ethical and sustainable solutions in business, education, health and the environment.

Working with people and business to improve their quality of life and to be more ‘effective’ by raising awareness, increasing understanding and sharing knowledge for the benefit of society world-wide.

elementals offers Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Mediation and Counselling to individuals and groups in all walks of life. Training is available in a wide range of topics including Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Work/Life Balance, Values Assessment, Success in Selling.

All Coaches/Trainers/Associates are highly experienced and qualified using a wide range of techniques and approaches, modern and traditional, chosen to meet the specific needs of each client.